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Our Acrylic Series are setting trends in restaurants, bars, nightclubs and hotels all around. Out of all our custom collections the Acrylic style is one of the most versatile out of them all. Acrylic can be made into any kind of menu such as a dinner menu, drink book, check presenter and pool menu but also can be a menu board, and table stand.

The menu styles and options are endless when it comes to this series. Some of our most popular acrylic menu styles are made into drink and wine lists, pool menus, and check presenters. This material is very easy to clean and is also waterproof, making it a great cover choice to be around drinks, for outside dining areas and water by the pools. 

Completely customize your acrylic menu by choosing a color and then adding your logo.  This series of menu covers is offered in a variety natural or bright of color including red, blue, purple and orange. Any logo or design can be added with a screen print or laser etched logo option. A popular design option is to screen print pictures, patterns or designs on the entirety of the acrylic.

See below for more idea of recent menu designs to get inspired for your next acrylic cover or request information below to get in touch with one of our design experts!


Clipboard Menus

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