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The Foam backing on each Face Shield creates a comfortable fit for everyone.

They are easy to keep clean, and can quickly be put on or taken off.

 Size fits most.

Face Shields for Schools

Perfect for:

  • Teachers

  • Students

  • Delivery Drivers

  • Government Employees 

  • & More

Custom Options

Youth Sizes


Custom Face Shields

Face Shield Hats

  • Available in navy, black and white

  • Customization - add logo

  • Removable shield for easy cleaning 

  • See through clearly 

  • Youth & Adult sizes available 

Face Shields
Face Shield Hats
Delivery Driver Hats

Eye Glass Shield

  • Easy to Clean 

  • Comfortable fit on head 

  • See through clearly 

  • One Size Fits All 

Youth Sizes


Eye Glass Shields
Eye Glass Face Shield

Leather Options

Stay safe with a more sophisticated option!

Leather band across the top.

Offered in multiple colors.

Add a logo for customization! 

Leather Face Shields
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