Menu Designs Relaunches the Illuminated LED Collection with New and Exciting Features

Menu Designs is excited to announce the relaunch of the Illuminated LED Menu Collection (also known as The Lighted Menu) with new and exciting features. Wow your guests with our illuminated menu collection which is best used in nightclubs, VIP lounges, hotel lobby bars, upscale restaurants, cruise ships and anywhere lighting is dim or absent. We offer two types of menu covers; a one panel menu cover and a two panel menu cover. Our one panel menu cover is for those with a limited menu or may be interested in using the menu cover to display specials on a table stand to be seen when guests first walk in. Our two panel illuminated menu covers light up when opened, and turn off when closed conserving battery life. We offer different size menu covers which allow you to have your dessert (8.5”h x 5.5”w menu insert size), drink (11”h x 5.5”w menu insert size) and dinner (11”h x 8.5”w or 14”h x 8.5”w menu insert size) menus all illuminated. Both the one panel and two panel menu covers come standard in black simulated leather but can be customized to match your décor with various materials and logo decoration. Menu inserts are top loaded and easy to change. We can print your menu inserts or you can print on translucent paper.

In addition to our Illuminated LED Menu Collection, we have relaunched our LED Check Presenters with the same new and improved features. Our check presenters light up when opened, and turn off when closed. These are a perfect complement to your illuminated menu covers with the standard design in black simulated leather but can be customized to match your menu covers.

New features on the menu covers and check presenters include:

  • New smart battery indicator light. We have taken the guess work out of knowing when it is time to charge your menu covers and check presenters. The indicator light will turn on to inform you when the battery is low and time to put it on the charger.

  • NEW!! Six month limited warranty. We have extended the warranty on our Illuminated LED Menu Covers and Check Presenters from three months to six months.