Why Promotional Marketing Products Are Important

In a 2014 study by the Advertising Specialty Institute, 85% of those that participated in the study could identify the company that was branded on the promotional products that they had (1). This study shows that your promotional products are not only used but your brand is noticed by your audience; promotional products are an important part of your company’s marketing.

Knowing this information, don’t you want your promotional products to be the best and have the greatest impact on your customers? Check out these products that we think will help your company stand out from the rest!


In the previously mentioned study, writing instruments were listed as the most popular product that a participant received. Why are pens so popular? Everyone uses pens and for companies, the pen is usually one of the least expensive promotional items. Check out some of the great designs we can offer your company.


Shirts were the next most popular promotional items after writing instruments in the study. Shirts are a walking advertisement for your company; your brand is on your customer and is seen by everyone they encounter. Check out some of the options we can offer your company, we even made a polo shirt made in the USA!