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5 Must Have In-Room Hospitality Products

There are certain in-room accessories your guests expect to find in their hotel rooms besides a nicely made bed and clean sheets. In addition to simply having these accessories, you want to make sure these items have consistent branding throughout the room and your hotel so guests can easily recognize your brand. Do your rooms have these must have products?

hotel industry supplies

1. Guest Room Directory

The guest room directory is one of the essential hotel industry supplies for hotel guests. Not only do directories convey a wealth of useful information but are also a great opportunity for hotel branding. Directories can be customized with your hotel's name, logo, tag line, and more.

2. Note Pad Holder

Even in today's age of smartphones and tablets, guests still expect to be able to jot down a quick note when necessary. Like guest service directories, our note pad holders come in a wide variety of styles and can be customized with the hotel's name and logo. Don’t forget to brand the note pad too!

3. Pens

You cannot have a note pad without a pen. The wonderful thing about customized pens is the reasonable cost and pens are a great way to keep your property top of mind with each use. Pens are also free advertising, as pens tend to get passed around quite a bit.

4. Desk Blotter

Not only are desk blotters great for business guests but also help protect hotel furniture from scrapes and wear. Desk blotters can also be customized with the hotel's name and logo, and are available in quality leather and vinyl.

5. Ice bucket

Whether you're celebrating with some chilled champagne or simply keeping your water bottles chilled, no room is complete without an ice bucket. Add a touch of class to your average ice bucket by choosing a simulated leather wrapped bucket with an attractive, matching handle.

When guests see these items in their room, they know they are staying at a quality property. Browse our website to see more in-room products!

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