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We Make Custom Easy

When choosing a company to create your company’s marketing products, there are many options available. For example, restaurants can buy from numerous merchants online to get standard menu covers and table menu holders to display their menus and promote specials. For hotels, typical guest directories and in-room accessories can be purchased from various companies worldwide. While standard stock marketing products are good, why not take your business from good to great with custom marketing products that can complement your business décor and ambiance.

Traditionally, most standard marketing products come in the color black. While black complements the look of many businesses, one color doesn’t fit all. Consider a restaurant with a tropical feel. The walls and décor are bright, the food and drinks are colorful but the menu covers are in black. The cohesive tropical theme of this restaurant can be lost with this one detail. For a hotel that is located in the mountains and has a wilderness feel with rooms that resemble log cabins and fireplaces that are lit every night, in-room guest directories in a sleek black color do not fit well with this hotel’s rustic décor. Businesses that are spending the time and money to differentiate themselves from others and create a certain feel for their establishment, should not forget the small details that can leave a lasting impression with their guests.

At Menu Designs, custom is our specialty. For businesses that want to bring their company's look to their marketing accessories, we have the expertise and experience in designing, creating and manufacturing these custom marketing products. We work with customers each day to create new custom products from our customer’s ideas. With their ideas, we guide customers step by step through the various options available to them so they can create a one-of-a-kind product that will provide the desired image to our customers.

Custom products aren’t for every business and that’s ok if your company prefers black stock products. If you want to stand out and want that bright orange menu board for a tropical restaurant or a wooden guest directory for your rustic hotel, choose Menu Designs. At Menu Designs, we know that the details matter and that is why custom is the Menu Designs difference.

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