Introducing Our New Wood Menu Planks

The product offerings in the restaurant industry are constantly changing. Most will think of the changing in popularity of certain types of foods served (i.e. – “whole” foods and veggie substitutes for meat), food concepts (i.e. – no waste) and even where the food is being served (i.e. – food trucks and pop ups). In addition to the changes in what and where food is being served, how food and drink offerings are presented to the customer is changing. One of the most popular ways to showcase your menu to your customers is the menu board.

There are numerous reasons why these boards are so popular but one of the reasons I am a big fan of these boards is the ease in which you can change out your menu inserts. With these boards being so popular and the ease of changing out menu inserts, these menu boards are perfect for any restaurant especially those that are changing their menus frequently. With the menu board popularity, we have come up with a new product for our menu board series, the Wood Menu Plank.

Our ½” thick, solid wood plank is the answer to those that wanted a thicker menu board.

Like the other products in our menu board series you have the option of securing your menu inserts with bands or a clip. You can either a cherry or walnut finish, with the option to add your logo to your planks with either a laser etched or screen printed logo. Our wood menu plank comes in three standard sizes: 11” x 4 ¼”, 11” x 8 ½” and 14” x 8 ½”, as well as smaller check presenter size. With the various sizes, the wood menu plank is perfect for presenting your main menus but also your drinks, specials and dessert menus too.