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Why Imprinted Promotional Products Are Important For a Business

My name is Victoria Kamerer and I am the new marketing intern for David Dobbs Enterprises. I will be interning here for my spring semester, which is my last semester, at Flagler College. I will be guest blogging a few times this semester and this is my first post. During the first two weeks of my internship, I have been working on social media content for promotional products. While writing these posts, I have been thinking a lot about the purpose of promotional products, and here is why I think imprinted promotional products are important for a business.

Imprinted promotional products are a complement to the word-of-mouth marketing clients spread about a business. With promotional products, your clients can have products to show their friends the business they have been talking about for the past few months. “A study by PPAI in 2010 revealed that 94% of people that received a promotional product could remember where they received it two years later.1” Here are five reasons why imprinted promotional products are important for a business:

-Logo Recognition/Brand Awareness – Brand awareness is one of the most important parts of a business. Every business wants their logo or brand to be recognized worldwide. Start off on a small scale and start getting your brand known around town by handing out imprinted products that are used and visible to others when clients travel. This way your company can start locally and then expand.

-Have Something To Hand Out To Clients – Don’t let your clients leave empty handed after a visit to your office. Have them leave your business with a unique product to show their friends along with hopefully a wonderful story.

-Employee Incentives – Be able to recognize employees for reaching milestones with customizable imprinted products. Show them how much they mean to the company and gift them something unique and meaningful to keep morale up.

-Reaches an Broader Range of Potential Clients- By handing out imprinted products, more people and potential clients are likely to see your brand and look up your website to see what you sell. Hand out products such as water bottles, calendars, or other products that will be used daily or left out on an open surface. This will allow maximum exposure for your brand as these are products others will see and hopefully will help gain your business more views and online traffic.

-Creative Choices – Your business has the chance to stand out with your own imprinted products because the options available are endless. Pick something unique and creative to help clients easily remember your products and business.

Overall, there are multiple reasons why imprinted promotional products are important for a business. These products are a big part of a way to gain clients and spread your brand name around town and globally. Get started today by creating your own imprinted promotional products.


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