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Made in the USA

Where products are made is becoming more of an important attribute for a company in determining what products to buy. At Menu Designs, we understand that. While we have facilities in Mexico and China, a good percentage of the products we make for are made in the USA. We have two production facilities in Florida, one in Jacksonville and one in Saint Augustine, where our menu covers, guest directories, menu boards and more are made. We take pride in hiring local staff to design your one of a kind pieces that you will be proud to show in your establishment.

In addition to made in the USA menu covers and guest directories, we also supply made in the USA promotional products and apparel. From pens to cups, and t-shirts and jackets, you can opt for apparel pieces made in the USA. Adding to the USA theme, promotional products in patriotic colors and designs are popular around this time of year! Why not choose to promote your business with patriotic promotional items made in the USA? Here are a few items that we think you may like for your business:

Can Coolers

A popular item for bars are can coolers. For events throughout the summer, branded can coolers are a must have item for giveaways! With a low price point, businesses can buy these in bulk and the branding opportunity is great. Customers will be sure to use these outside your business, which will help promote you!

LED Products

From wigs, hats, pins, glasses and more, if your establishment has events at night then LED products may be just the product you need. With the variety of products available, you can be creative with the products you choose to represent your brand. Light up your events with LED products.

Lip Balm

For a low cost item that would be the perfect item to hand out during parades and outdoor events, choose made in the USA lip balm! Different varieties are available from the flavor and label design, and with outdoor events you can even opt for SPF. Those you give this product to will have an item they can carry in their backpacks, purses and beach bags, and they will see your brand every time it is used.


T-shirts are a walking advertisement for your establishment. Available in different colors and styles, there is an option for any establishment. Not only is the exposure for your brand great with t-shirts, but people keep shirts! Per the ASI Central Impressions Study in 2016, “58% of U.S. consumers own promotional shirts.”1 T-shirts are a great item to consider for your newest summer promotion.

What’s great about these products is all of these USA promotional products can be used now and throughout the year! What products will you use for your next promotion?


1 – “Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study – 2016 Edition”

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