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The Importance of Table Top Marketing

Inspiration for our blog posts come from the day to day on goings at Menu Designs. Daily we are studying the trends and what works in the hospitality industry to be able to bring our customers the products and information they need to succeed. One question that continues to come up from our restaurant and bar customers is how they can market to their customers throughout their entire visit. After the menus are gone, what can they do to continue their marketing efforts to their customers? Our answer is always the same, table top marketing.

Table top marketing pieces are the perfect additions to your bar or restaurant to display information to your customers! Table menu holders differ from menu covers because even after the menus are gone, these table tent holders remain. So even if someone doesn’t notice the message right away, there are ample opportunities throughout their visit that they will get to see your marketing messages. Another great feature about table top products is that because they are already at your business, you know your audience already likes your product! This type of marketing is not a one option fits all, as there are multiple options you can choose from to match your establishment. Today’s post will review three of our favorite table top marketing products.


Our A-Frame table tent holder gets its name from how it looks when it is open, like an “A”. Four corners, just like our Plaza menu cover, secure the inserts in place but also allow for easy changing out of inserts. We have an in-stock option in a sleek black leatherette material or opt for a custom design to match your establishment’s décor. The header of the A-Frame can be decorated, so be sure to add your logo for additional branding! As an extra option for the A-Frame table tent holder, consider our clear vinyl overlays which are specifically cut to size and designed to protect your printed inserts, but do not prevent the ability to easily change out your printed inserts.

Wood Table Stands

We couldn’t just pick one! Our wood table menu holders come in a variety of options and can provide a natural or rustic look for your establishment. What’s even better about the two stands we are featuring today, both are in stock! First, our wood block table stand is in-stock in three colors: Mahogany, Black and Natural. This table menu holder is lightweight and versatile, as each menu holder features two cut slits that allow you to hold a single sheet of paper, or a separate wooden board or clipboard. Next, our T-Stands are a type of hanging stand that is available with a brass or stainless bar. Stands come with two hanging nickel metal rings, and can be decorated by laser engraving the base, with or without a color fill.

LED Grand Stand

This is a unique marketing piece that will be sure to attract your customers’ attention! With the LED Grand Stand by Menu Designs you can illuminate your specials and announcements. Our LED Grand Stands improve the readability of your table messages and are great for use in nightclubs, VIP lounges, hotel lobby bars, upscale restaurants and any dimly lit atmosphere! The LED Grand Stand features a special call feature that turns the LED to red when patrons require the server’s attention. This is an innovative marketing piece you have to see!

Light Up Your Brand Messages with the LED Grand Stand!

As mentioned above, these are only three of our favorite tabs top marketing products. We have additional stock products if you need a product now and don’t forget Menu Designs is a custom manufacturer. We can take your ideas and turn those ideas into a custom product for you. What can we create for your company?

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