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Why You Need Custom Check Presenters

Check Presenters

If you could come up with a running theme for our blog, it’s all about the importance of presentation. More specifically on creating attractive presentation pieces to display menus, guest directory information and more. Our expertise is creating and designing these display pieces.

Check Presenter

One product though that we think does not get the spotlight as it should, is the presentation piece that usually ends a guest’s visit with your establishment. This is the check presenter.

The Presentation

Many guests have come to expect their check to be presented in a check presenter. Why is this? It may be so that other guests at the table do not see the bill or how much tip is left for the server. Additionally, in many restaurants putting a piece of paper on the table would seem strange and not fit the ambiance of the restaurant. As an added benefit of presenting the check in a check presenter, the restaurant has place to add comment cards that are easily seen by customers. Having cards on the host stand when walking out can easily be missed as customers have the door in sight and not the host stand.

Check Presenters


Not only is the presentation of the check enhanced in a presenter but it is also more secure. When you are handling a customer’s credit card, customers want to know their information is kept safe. When carrying multiple paper receipts and credit cards, mix ups can easily happen causing irritated customers and time lost fixing errors. Additionally, trust in you, as a server, and in the business you work for is lost, and more than likely the opportunity for repeat business is lost as well. Keep your customer’s financial information safe and organized, causing no confusion with payments, by using check presenters.

Customization Options

While standard black check presenters are always an option, check presenters can also be customized to your specification. Custom check presenters for your restaurant or hospitality establishment can be created to match your menu covers, drink books, table stands, place settings and other marketing products, to create a unified look throughout your restaurant or hospitality business. When you customize your check presenters, this creates another place to display your brand logo and colors for increased brand recognition.

Remember the details matter and can tell a lot about a business. Make your final interaction with your guests as good as the first interaction. Check presenters can provide your customers with one final lasting impression of their visit to your restaurant.

Check out our custom check presenter gallery here.

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