4 Products to Keep Restaurants Safe

This pandemic has taken a major toll on all industries, especially the hospitality industry. Menu Designs has come up with 4 ways to keep your restaurant safe, while remaining open during these trying times. In this post we will explain more in depth why these products can help: BioShield - a cleaning solution, protective barriers, personal protective equipment and single use menus. All of these items ensure safety and prevent the spread of germs in your establishment.

1) BioShield 90 Day Surface Protectant

The only 100% environmentally friendly, safe & durable antimicrobial, that can protect both your surfaces & your reputation. Spray or wipe on counters, tables, menus, host stands, bar tops and more! ANY surface needing to be safe and clean!

Prevent problems and microbial growth before it starts.

Bio-Shield can be used on most surfaces and it is EPA approved and Food contact surface safe. Surfaces like tables, chairs, door knobs, door handles, bathrooms, menus, table stands, condiments, booths, food prep areas and more. Anywhere bacteria, mold, mildew may otherwise flourish. It is environmentally friendly, colorless, odorless, and long lasting technology. This is a must have product for your establishment to maintain cleanliness!

2) Protective Barriers

We offer different types of protective barriers for your establishment.

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