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6 Inviting Guest Room Accessories

Hotel guest rooms should always be equipped with certain accessories to optimize guests’ stay at the hotel. They can also be great tools to upsell products your guests would not had otherwise thought to purchase. See what guest accessories we recommend and supply to successful hotels.

Ice Bucket

There’s no question every guest expects an ice bucket in their hotel room whether they intend to use it or not. Go simple, chic, or organic with endless material options offered at Menu Designs. Match the material and color to reflect your hotel’s branding, location, and price. Options range from a simple, standard black bucket to a simulated leather bucket, to even bamboo buckets with printed or pressed logos.

Channel Guide

Make it easy for your guests to sift through television channels with a simply designed, straight to the point, channel guide. This is an easy investment often not thought about by hotel management that can add pleasure and peace to guests’ visits. This is something that will be frequently used by majority of guests and it provides hotels an additional opportunity to advertise their logo.

Hotel Directories

This is where the upselling comes in and is absolutely worth the investment. Keeping quality guest room directories in every room is a surefire way to sell more products and services that your hotel offers. List spa services, room services, other activities for purchase through your hotel, etc. Anything additional your guests can purchase from you should be listed here and an attractive guest room directory won’t go unnoticed.

Hang Tag

This is another guest room accessory that all guests expect to have when they don’t want to be bothered. This is also another great investment for hotels because it saves hotel staff time and money when housekeeping has less rooms to enter. These can be made from paper or SuperFlex synthetic material, which is a durable, simulated paper that doesn’t come from trees. For a more upscale setting, we also make hang tags from wood with laser etched logos and print.

Desk Organizer

Desk organizers provide a safe place for the small items your guests don’t want to lose. These cases are great for holding business cards, pens, keys, jewelry, and more. These handy cases come in different styles and colors, with different compartment styles, elastic pen holders, and a cover to the case.

Note Pad

Often when traveling, there are times when you have to make a note about something or jot down a phone number or directions to a local establishment. Make this easy for guests with helpful notepad holders that stay by the hotel phone. Our note pad holders come in different sizes, colors, and styles to match any hotel’s look and feel.

Guest room accessories resemble a hotel’s attention to detail and they add up to greatly increase customer satisfaction, hotel ratings, brand awareness, and guest loyalty. Show your guests your appreciation so they will show it back. Contact us for questions or information on personalization options for your hotel products.

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