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A Guide to Country Club Menu Supplies

Members of country clubs expect to see value every day in the club they attend. They appreciate updated country club supplies and accessories and menu supplies are no exception. They really stand out to current and prospective members. A nice, elegant dining display can keep your members loyal without depleting your marketing budget. Check out where you can upgrade your dining accessories below.

Verona Menu

The Majestic Series and Verona Series are both great options to convey an upscale look in a country club dining room. The Majestic menu covers offer a very refined and simplistic look and are one of the more durable menus, ensuring their longevity in any country club.

The materials used in the Verona menu covers (pictured) create an eye-catching effect with its subtle glow. The Verona offers a more stylish, personalized look while the Majestic Series elegantly blends in with the fine dining scenery, however both these menu options are completely customizable in terms of color, material, and branding.

Wine Menu

We recommend any country club and fine dining restaurant list their specialty cocktails in upscale wine and drink menus. Why? Because they justify higher priced drinks and customers are not surprised when they open an elegant menu and see higher prices.

To stay consistent, create a wine menu from the same series as your food menu. You can do this with any of our series, because at Menu Designs, we resize our menu covers to also serve as specialty cocktail menus. We have plenty of examples of exceptional drink menu covers in our gallery.

Check Presenter

Check presenters are sometimes forgotten about by management; however, they make a big difference, especially in a high-dollar setting. Customers and members expect their checks to be discreetly delivered in a folding check presenter. Presenting a check without a presenter or using an open clipboard presenter in a fine dining setting diminishes your establishment’s value in the consumers’ eyes.

A simple, black folding presenter is enough to tell your customers you value them as much as they value you. Our standard folding black presenters come in basic, economy, premium, and deluxe. If you’re looking for a more durable presenter, the premium is made from higher quality leather-like material.

Of course, we also offer fully customizable presenters that get follow the theme of your food and drink menus. Presenters can be designed using almost any material, color, and logo options.


As country club management would know, placemats are absolutely essential for many special events hosted at the club. Depending on the club, they may be a part of the everyday dining room setting as well.

If placemats would complement your fine dining setting, we offer vinyl and leatherette placemats, perfect for country clubs and upscale restaurants. They come in a number of colors, shapes, and sizes and, of course, your personalized logo can be added to any part of the placemat.

Pool Menu

Tis the season when it’s time to dust off those pool menus. We offer waterproof and acrylic menus for outdoor and pool settings. They are fully customizable to fit any creative scheme you may be seeking.

Our new bullet board menus are an ultra-durable alternative to wood boards, so you can still have the sleek style of wood boards but with the longevity of stronger menu types. They’re warp, water, and stain resistant. They come in 6 standard colors with over 100 custom color options, however customers have strongly favored our unique rustic slate option.

Investment in updated, upscale, and fresh menu materials opens the door for higher priced food and drink options. Customers are also willing to pay higher prices when they see greater professionality and elegancy. Prospective club members will also see a club as higher value if it’s dressed well and the dining room is, by far, no exception.

For more information about our country club and fine dining recommendations, go to this page. The customization options are endless so view our galleries to gain inspiration and a better idea of how to best personalize and brand your establishment.

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