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Meet Menu Designs at the NRA Show in Chicago!

The National Restaurant Association is hosting their annual International Food Service Marketplace at the McCormick Place in Chicago. If you know anything about this trade show, you know it's always a huge success and continues to grow as the leading trade show in the hospitality industry. One of the main benefits of attending large trade shows are the networking opportunities. Some fun networking events at the NRA Show this year include award shows, competitions and parties.

The FABI Awards

The Food and Beverage Awards recognizes the most unique, delicious, and exciting food and beverage products for the year. All of the products benefit both restaurant operators and consumers. This year's award recipients will shape the future as flavorful and marketable products that drive sales.

The KI Awards

The Kitchen Innovations Awards has been recognizing products that have exponentially improved back of house operations for over a decade now. The award recipients provide operational solutions like faster prep and cooking times or improving service, sanitation and safety. Attend this show to get the inside scoop on innovating kitchen products.

Watch the nation's top mixologists compete for $5000 and the title of "Star of the Bar." Four regional semi-finalists from Vegas, Philly, Orlando and Chicago will mix up their winning cocktails for the panel of star-studded judges. Watch the bartending bravado at the NRA Show on Sunday, May 20.

The NRA Show Block Party on Monday night allows you to jump from venue to venue in the River North neighborhood for free food, drinks and entertainment. More importantly, explore new businesses in the hospitality industry and network with others who have your same interests. Join the official after-party of the NRA Show Saturday night at Restaurants Rock. This epic night of dancing, live music and an open bar bring hundreds of restaurant and hospitality professionals together to network and mingle.

Educational Sessions

The NRA Show is also an ideal place to learn and grow in your field. Whether it be learning new recipes or business practices, there is something for everyone! Listen in on a featured presentation hosted by both NRA President and CEO. There is also many education sessions on the showroom floor in various pavillions and at exhibitor booths. Visit the Foodamental Studio for hands-on workshops and learn the techniques behind today's most popular food trends.

You can also expect to pick up some tips and tricks of the trade at the Bellavita Expo, the largest made-in-italy food & wine expo. It is a great place to create new business leads while tasting the best of Italy. The Bellavita Expo will be in the Lakeside Center exhibit hall, along with Menu Designs!

Other pavillions include the Kitchen Innovations Showroom, the World Culinary Showcase, ,the Organic and Natural Pavillion. the American Food Fair and the Tech Pavillion just to name a few!

Menu Designs will be exhibiting our custom menu cover options, restaurant products, hotel products and print services in the Lakeside Center Showroom. We plan to do something totally new for us this year. With a refreshed booth design, modernized products and interactive elements for our visitors, you won't want to miss us!


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