Interested in taking this basic item and turning it into a custom item?

Our acrylic table menu holders are able to be etched and screen printed with your logo. 

6" x 4"
7" x 5"
11" x 8.5"

*All items in-stock


Custom sizes available

6" x 4"
7" x 5"
8.5" x 3.5"

*All items in-stock


Custom sizes available

6" x 4"




 *Item in-stock


Custom sizes




Our stock table menu holder options include a two sided a-frame table menu holder

and a three sided table menu holder with magnetic closure.

Stock options are made out of a black leatherette material that has the look of real leather without the cost.

As an extra option, consider our clear vinyl overlays which are specifically cut to size and designed to protect your printed inserts, but do not prevent the ability to easily change out your printed inserts.

A-Frame Table Tent
Table tent in-stock sizes: 6" x 4", 6.5" x 4.25", 8.5 x 5.5. Custom sizes available.
3 Sided Table Stand
w/ magnetic closure. Size in-stock 6" x 4". Custom sizes available
Imprinted A-Frames
Great for promoting a brand.
A-Frame Table Tent Hybrid
Comes with coil bound menu insert.



This table menu holder is lightweight and versatile, as each menu holder features two slits that allow you to hold a single sheet of paper, or a separate wooden board or clipboard. 

Wood Block
Wood T-Stands
Wood T-stands featuring two colors: Black and Espresso
Wood Stand
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Holds both sizes
6" x 4"
7" x 5"

Black and Espresso Color Options

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*All items in-stock



One Size
6" x 4"

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5" Wide Wood Block In-Stock & in 3 Color Options


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*Custom Sizes &

Colors Available


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