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Printed Disposable Menus and Takeout Menus are essential for all dining establishment. You can provide your customers with to-go menus when they are dining in at your restaurant to let them know you have takeout options, and you can extend the reach of your establishment. Takeout menus can also be a great way to market your catering options and display prices if you offer that service.

Ever since the pandemic disposable menus have been more in demand and are perfect for maintaining COVID regulations. Instead of giving your customers an actual menu cover to hold, you can give them a disposable paper menu to read, and then throw away after a single use. Having disposable menus as an option at your restaurant can help stop the spread of germs and make consumers more comfortable when the sit down at the table.


Various fold options and styles allow you to customize the look of your menu and provide customers with a menu that is easy to store. We are able to print menus in full color or in black and white depending on what you are looking for.  Need a large quantity? No problem we can print any amount that you may need! See below for some example work and request information to get started on your takeout menu design.


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