Menu Boards or Menu Holders are a great way to hold your printed inserts that shows your menu offerings. These boards have gained popularity over the last few years, and have been showing up in all industries in hospitality. At Menu Designs we offer a wide variety of styles great for food menus, drink menus, bar & dessert menus as well as pool menus!

 Some of our most popular material options are wood, bamboos, acrylics, color boards, and solid wood boards. All of these options are available to be customized with your logo by screen printing, laser etching and can fill with color if wanted! Each menu holder is available in multiple sizes, and if you are looking for a certain size we can make that possible. Another way that you can customize you board is by adding bands or creating a clipboard. There are white or black band options which are the standard, or there are additional colors available upon request. You can also add a slogan or logo by putting an imprint on the band. If you are making a clipboard, there are many different clip options to choose from such as brass, nickel, rings, gold and copper clips.

Aren’t looking for a custom Menu Board? Browse our selection of in-stock, ready to ship and ready to purchase on our online store.