SuperFlex is a durable, simulated paper with smooth high quality  material

that ranges in size and thickness 

Antimicrobial Menu

Ask about  our Synthetic Antimicrobial 

Menus! !

Here are some of the features of this new material:


  • Digitally printed and retains vibrant colors.


  • Menus hold up longer compared to paper and laminate. 


  • Material is waterproof, grease, scuff and stain resistant.


  • Even without lamination can easily be wiped clean

  • Durable and is tear-resistant.

  • In addition to folding certain thicknesses of SuperFlex, some thicknesses are able to be die cut, embossed and perforated.


Wing House
Mango Mangos Synthetic menu
Dicks Wing Superflex
Miami Squeeze
Flying Iguana
Cabo Flats
Barefoot Bill
Blazin Buffalo
Flying Biscuit Cafe - SuperFlex