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Create your Custom Menus with Menu Designs

Whether you plan to open a new restaurant or you want to update your current menu covers, turn to Menu Designs for high-quality, appealing, signature restaurant custom covers. We offer a large selection of material options and styles that can fit the theme, ambiance, and brand of your restaurant.


Designing your Restaurant Menu Cover

As you consider the outside of a menu, there is no doubt you are forming an opinion of the location you are sitting in. If you are opening a restaurant or looking to revamp your existing location, menu design is an important component of the process. There are various aspects that go into menu designs. For example, the initial front page should help with branding your company while also clearly defining the atmosphere of the location. Inside, bright pictures are right for some locations. For others, the goal is to keep the descriptions short, sweet, and enticing. It is our goal to help you find the right blend of inspiration to create the outcome you’re looking for with your menu.


Types of Menu Covers

There are so many kind of covers such as dinner menus, drink menus, wine lists, desserts menus, pool menus and more! The process all starts here at our custom material options page to see which suits best.  At Menu Designs, our team of expert designers can work closely with you to create a custom menu cover that fits your restaurant’s theme, sophistication, and atmosphere just right.

Not seeing what you are looking for? 

Request more information to connect with one of our design representatives to see more of our

materials and styles offered at Menu Designs.

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