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We are a premier supplier of menus and hospitality products for all different types of industries including hotels! We work with food and beverage managers to help create unique ways to showcase their culinary cuisines and in-room services. We have options for hotel main dining rooms, lobby bars, pools and room service. 
Menu Designs offers a wide variety of services including menu design, menu boards, custom menu covers, table tents, check presenters, menu printing and more. 
See below for some hotel product examples and request information to start creating today!

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In-Room Dining Menus for Hotels


Hotel Restaurant Menu Covers
Hotel Restaurant Menu Covers
Hotel Restaurant Menu Covers
Hotel Guest Directories
Guest Directories for Hotels
Guest Directories for Hotels

Restaurant Menu Covers 

Check Presenters 

Guest Directories

Hotel Check Presenters
Copper Hotel Check Presenters

Restaurant Menu Covers for your lunch or dinner service at your hotel. Whether that be a hotel restaurant, lobby bar, room service or more. Choose from any of our custom material options.

Custom and In-Stock Check Presenter options available now at Menu Designs. Choose from any of our custom material collections to create a book that matches your hotel restaurant style.

Create custom guest directories for your hotel with any of material options. Give your guests something nice to hold while looking over the amenities you offer. 

Hotel Pool Menus
sintra board pool menus.png

Printed Menus 

Hotel Products

Pool Menus

Printed Coil Bound Books
Printed Synthetic Menus
Hotel Products
Hotel Do Not Disturb Signs

Choose from many substrates and materials to customize printed menus and displays. Since we are a custom manufacturer, products can be designed and created here at Menu Designs.

Menu Designs offers a variety of hotel amenities. We can design popular hotel products that will bring growth into your business and create an overall better experience for your guests. 

Promote your Food and Drinks Poolside! Create your pool menu with Menu Designs. Choose from materials that are water and SPF resistant like our Printed Synthetic Menus or Acrylic which can be made into a Menu Board or Cover. 

Looking for other Hotel Products? 

Check out our hotel product page or request information to start creating today!

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