Clipboard Menus

Promote your Food and Drinks Poolside!

Create your pool menu with Menu Designs. Choose from materials that are water and SPF resistant like our Superflex Synthetic or Acrylic. 


As you take into consideration the wide range of ways you can enjoy your pool guests to buy from you, do not overlook the value of pool menus. These are menus that are durable enough to handle the water and higher level of damage likely at the pool. Yet, they still need to communicate your brand, your offerings, and your services. You can have a lot of fun designing these for your guests. There are a few things to keep in mind.


Use pool menus that carry on the theme of your outdoor recreation area. Use the same color scheme and designs. Be sure they are branded properly. Then, make sure they are easy to read and simple to change out as your specials change. At Menu Designs in St. Augustine, FL., we work closely with you to create a menu of services, drinks, or food that are enticing to you. You will love just how enjoyable you can make your guests’ experience and increase what they buy from you as well.

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