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Menu Covers

Printed Menu Covers by Menu Designs



There are two options when it comes to your  printed menu design.


To get started you will need:

  • A clean word document with clear information with headings, descriptions, pricing, etc. (The way you will want it to read on your menu)

  • A vector logo file, any photos or other information you want included.  *If you do not have a vector file of your logo, we can recreate it for a $60 fee.

  • Design input, whether it be a color scheme, layout ideas or another menu you find appealing that we can gather your style from to know we are heading in the direction of something that will be aesthetically pleasing to you.


The first design option.

A very simple design with no grammar or spell checking, just creating a menu layout and typesetting the information from the word document.

This option includes 2 proofs plus the final.


The second option.

A nice design with options of your photos, stock photos, icons, accents etc. We will give you 2-3 styles to pick from and then we will finish out the menu once the design is settled on.

This option also includes 2 proofs plus the final proof of the menu design.




* We will require a minimum of a 50% deposit for the design fee once it is agreed upon to be able to start creating your design.


*If the proof is rejected, please indicate changes to be made.

If new art is requested, it may be subject to a

minimum $15 file re submission fee.

After the 3rd proof each additional proof is $75.

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