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General Information

To help us better serve you, please follow file requirements listed below.

Feel free to contact your customer service representative with any questions or concerns between the hours of 8am-5pm EST. 800-889-6368

Logo requirements for foil stamp and blind deboss:

  • Black & White (with no shades of gray)

  • Logos not submitted in a useable file format will be subject to art charges


EMBOSS DIES and screen printing:

  • Must be vector


Acceptable art file formats:
.TIF – 300dpi, 100% actual finished size,
Do not use LZW Compression when saving
.JPG – 300dpi, 100% actual finished size
.PDF – Save as “Press quality”, Embed fonts
.PSD – 300dpi, Prefer layered file, 100% actual
finished size.
.EPS – Vector - Link images & include them as
separate files, Outline fonts, Include font names
Raster - 300dpi, 100% actual finished size
.BMP – 300dpi, 100% actual finished size
.PICT – 300dpi, 100% actual finished size
300dpi is considered high resolution and suitable for
printing. Anything less than 300dpi is unacceptable
and will be subject to additional charges to clean up
or recreate the artwork.

Other file formats we accept:
.INDD – Adobe InDesign CS3
.AI – Adobe Illustrator CS3
.CDR – Corel Draw

Non -acceptable art file formats:
These formats are low resolution and will be rejected.
(72dpi is great for a website but not for printing)

We will not accept art that has been
downloaded from any website due to copyright
infringement laws.
Standa rd Logo Positioning :

  • Optical Center- Approx. 1/3 down from top of the cover

  • Dead Center/True Center – Centered horizontally and vertically on the cover

  • Lower Right Corner

  • All logos are proportioned to the size of the cover, unless specific size requirements are given.

Customer Supplied Artwork:
All print work must include crop marks and bleed marks
(minimum 1/8” bleed )


All sizes referenced in this catalog that refer to menu
covers are for actual Insert Size*, which means your
menu paper. Sizes are listed height x width.

Material Colors:
All color swatches shown in our catalog and on our website, may vary slightly from the actual material colors. If you are concerned with matching an exact color, please request a sample swatch from our customer service department.

Cleaning of Menu Covers:
Menu Designs does not recommend using any type of
harsh cleaning chemical on your menu cover. Products
can be maintained by wiping with a damp cloth.

Storage of Menu Covers:
Menu Designs does not recommend the use of a menu
box, or storing your menus in excessive heat, cold or
humidity. Damage and deterioration which occurs as
a result of improper storage or handling will not be
covered by Menu Designs. Store at room temperature.
Avoid excessive humidity.

Custom Design:

All menu designs, whether it is a template or custom
design, come with a complimentary low resolution,
non-watermarked PDF for your website.

Artwork created by Menu Designs is copyright
protected and cannot be shared or sold without explicit
consent from David Dobbs Enterprises, Inc.

Match prints :
Menu Designs does not guarantee color matching.
If color is critical to your job, we offer a matchprint to
be provided for your approval before printing. The fee for
matchprints varies based on size of artwork.


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