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Novalent Shield

24 Hour Hand Sanitizer

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The World’s Most

Advanced Hand

Sanitizer Provides

Long-Lasting Protection

  • *Up to 24 Hours of Protection

  • *Kills 99.9% of Germs

  • *Alcohol-Free

  • *Gentle on Sensitive Skin

  • *FDA-Registered

  • NDC#90020-000-05

  • *Patents 9,744,120, and 10,328,020

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Novalent Shield+ Hand Sanitizer is a groundbreaking environmentally-friendly technology that provides long lasting protection against germs.

Unlike traditional alcohol based hand sanitizers, Novalent Shield+ is gentle on your skin and kills germs without drying, cracking or causing hands to chap.

Novalent Shield+ has a fresh lemon scent and won’t come off through hand washing (only as your skin sheds). Reapply every 6-8 hours for maximum protection.

Novalent Shield+ microbiostatic technology bonds with your skin to create a protective shield that destroys germs on contact

1.7 OZ

  • Protective Shield on Skin

  • Does not wash off

  • Long Lasting Protection

  • No Nasty Chemicals

  • Family Friendly

  • Alcohol Free


Other Available Options

24 Hour Hand Sanitizer.png

1 Liter

17 OZ



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