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Discover Our Wide Variety of Custom Menu Cover Options

Custom Menu Covers

Designing an effective, enticing menu is a bit of an art form. There are definite tips that can help you get it right. Menu Designs has a variety of custom menu covers that can complement your menu designs and keep customers coming back for more. Read on to discover more about pairing custom menu covers with winning menu designs.

  • Font - The font you use on the menu cover and on the menu itself tells a customer what type of food and atmosphere to expect, such as family-style, trendy, or upscale. The font should be appropriate for the type of food your serve and your restaurant's ambiance.

  • Colors - Colors are known to have certain psychological effects on people, so not only should you stay consistent with your restaurant's theme and decor, but also keep in mind what effects those colors have.

  • Consistent Branding and Theme - It's disconcerting for a diner to see a menu cover that says haute cuisine only to open it up and see something appropriate for a fast food restaurant. Keep your menu cover and menu consistent with your food and restaurant, as well as each other.

  • Shorts and Sweet - Simply putting your eatery's logo on the front is often enough for a classy, stylish menu cover. Save the rest for the pages inside the menu.

The great thing about custom menu covers is that no matter what type of eatery you have — from a food truck to a five-star restaurant — you can create a menu that uniquely expresses what your brand and food are all about. Check out our menu designs and find one that will fit your restaurant today!

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