Why Check Presenters are Important for Restaurants

Check Presenters

Presenting your customers with custom check presenters at the end of their meal creates a lasting impression and gives them one last chance to see your logo. If you have the opportunity to present you business name and brand one more time before they leave your restaurant, why wouldn't you? In this blog we will lay out important reasons you should have check presenters, and how we can help customize them to match your establishment.

There are a few reasons why branded check presenters are extremely valuable to restaurants.

The first and most obvious benefit is the presentation quality. The check presenter can act as a final representation of the quality of your restaurant, and often times, it can subconsciously let customers not question the price of the check.

The second reason is you can match your check presenter to your other menus and your restaurant to give your establishment a sense of wholeness. When everything matches in style it can attract people to come back more often!

The third and final reason is also a functional benefit that is often overlooked. They’re a very important part of keeping checks and cards organized. Especially at times when servers are dealing with multiple checks, it can be easy to mix-up checks and give them to the wrong tables or people. Requiring servers to use a proper check presenters can save you time, money, and overall customer satisfaction.