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3 Reasons Why Table Stands Are Important

Table stands have become an important selling tool right behind the menu cover. In the last few years they have grown more popular and sit on the tables at many restaurants, hotels, bars, and more hospitality establishments. This brings us to ask the question as to why are table stands important? In this article we will list 3 reasons as to why table stands are important and why they are an easy tool to help enhance and expand your business.

1. Increase Sales

How can table stands increase sales in your establishment? With table stands you can display items that may persuade your customers to ordering more food & drink items.

After the order is taken it is custom for the menu to be taken away. With help of a table stand it is small, does not take up a lot of space, and can stay on the table the entire time. With printed inserts you can display pictures and items customers may not be able to see if the menu is gone and want to add on to their ticket such as - popular dessert items, drinks and cocktails or appetizer options. It can also be used as a tool for your servers you have something to refer to on the tables and for the customers to interact with.

Another thing you can add to the table to increase sales is to display your establishments merchandise if offered. Do you sell hats, glassware, clothing or any item with your logo on it? Show pictures of the different items on your table stand to let people know what can be purchased! Locals, people visiting on vacation, buying for a gift, and more will love buying merchandise from their favorite spot. Customers may not know that you sell certain merchandise but you can now promote and advertise your items on each table, so they can purchase before they leave.

2. Display Events & Promotions

Some events such as karaoke, trivia nights, happy hours, game nights, live music etc. are great fun and grab the attention of customers. Having these events information displayed on the table can grab attention, and get people to incorporate these events at your establishment in their weekly routine, resulting in more business in the long run.

Does your restaurant have run a special promotion on a certain day or night of the week? Half off apps? Happy hour? Kids eat for free? Any deals that your company may offer is perfect for putting on a table stand. Print your promotion on an insert to let customers know time, what day of the week they should come back in, and the deal is you are offering. It is one way to get people coming back in the door and happy they are receiving a special deal.

3. Customizable

Table stands can be completely customizable to match your aesthetic of your restaurant, bar, outside patio or wherever you want to place your stands. At Menu Designs we have revolutionized the table stand by taking materials we offer an creating custom designs. Popular material options for table stands are Simulated Leather, Faux Wood, Faux Cork, and Bullet Board.

Not only can the design on the table stand be customized but the inserts and what you choose to display on your table stand can be easily changed at any time. Most table stands have tabs at the top and bottom to secure your insert, therefore making it simple to change out whenever needed. In 2021 another table stand option is our QR Code displays, where the customer points their phone camera at the code, and the information pulls up on their phones instead of on the insert. It is just a hands off option that would be changed online instead of printing new inserts each time. If it is this easy to promote events, company products and increase sales then I guess the real question is why not create table stands?

Need design ideas? Check out our table stand gallery for more images on our custom stands, or check out our online store where we offer multiple in-stock ready to ship table stands.


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