Our Top 5 QR Code Display Options

QR Code Table Display Options

Custom QR Code displays allow your customers to view your menus right from their phones! Just have to open their cameras and point their phones at the code which the pulls up your personalized website that displays your menu right on their mobile device.

Ever since the pandemic, QR Code Menus and displays have become the latest technology that can replace or reduce the use of a physical menu in your bar or restaurant. Since we are a custom menu cover manufacturer, we have treated these QR Code menus no different ! We can help change the way you display and present your menu to your guests. We have a wide variety of styles that you can choose to put on your tables, bar tops or have your staff hand out as they greet your guests.

In this blog we will discuss our top 5 QR Code Display Options for your restaurnat. . All of these options are easy to clean, can stay on the table, and can be customized with color, size, adding your logo etc.

Top 5 QR Code Display Options

1. Bullet Board

Our Bullet Board material is one of our most popular options! It is waterproof, stain resistant and comes in multiple color options to match your restaurant or bar! Add your logo and QR Code in black and white or color. See our bullet board options to start creating your Bullet Board QR Code displays.

Bullet Board QR Code Displays