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What is the difference between a Menu Holder and a Menu Cover?

Difference between restaurant Menu Covers and Menu Holders

What is the difference between a Menu Holder and a Menu Cover?

The answer is simple, the difference is nothing at all! There is no difference between a menu holder and a menu cover, these two terms are both interchangeable. In this blog we will explain a little more in depth about the menu itself and the popular phrases that people can call a menu.

Let's start with the basics, what is a menu and why is it important? A menu is a list, usually in a specific order, laying out all the food, beverages, and services your restaurant offers. It shows the offerings, establishes elements in each dish and usually displays the prices of such. The menu is proven to be a powerful marketing tool for restaurant owners, which is important because it entices guests to come in, and enjoy what is offered. A menu can keep your brand fresh in your customer's mind and hopefully grab their attention enough to come back again.

Menu Covers or Menu Holders are what protects the menus and gives a unique look that applies to your restaurant.

The word "cover" means to put something on top of or in front of something to protect or conceal it. In this case the menu insert which displays your items goes inside the Menu Cover and is held in with corners or whichever binding you choose.

The word "holder" translates as a device or implement for holding something which in this case a Menu Holder is simply holding the menu inserts inside. Some other common phrases people use instead of menu are book, binder, list, bill of fare, board and there could be more depending on the restaurant.

Now that we have established that these two terms both mean the same thing, you can move onto creating and designing the perfect menu. Choose from the multiple we offer and pair that with one of our decoration options. Create your own style with a menu that is truly unique to your restaurant, and something that your customers will be happy holding and reading! Not sure where to start? Check out our material options page or contact one our design experts for help!


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