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Top Bullet Board Options

New Bullet Board

We are excited to announce that we have 6 new bullet board stains. Most of our previous (and still available) options are wood textured. Now, we have a greater variety of colors and textures.

Since our Rustic Slate shade was such a hit, we have introduced an additional shade of slate. Check out our new shades below.

Blue Menu

The Brushed Blue is one completely new style that we have introduced. It gives the effect of brushed blue paint, hence the name.

Scraped Slate

This is another completely new style that we have introduced to the Bullet Board collection. We were inspired by the unique texture of the Rustic Slate and wanted to recreated new unique textures for our customers. This distressed style is perfect for industrial establishments.

Slate Menu

Also inspired by the Rustic Slate, we wanted to create an additional shade of slate with base colors that differ from our original slate option. This one contains more brown tones, whereas our Rustic Slate emphasizes grey and dark tones.

Grey Teekwood

Though we have several wood textures, the Grey Teekwood is our only true grey Bullet Board shade. We also still offer the popular Driftwood shade. The Driftwood is a sky grey.

Not Pictured: Zebra Wood

The Zebra Wood is a natural wood menu with striped of a darker, oak-like wood shade. Imagine a brown, wooden zebra, or check out the sample swatch on our Bullet Board page.

Not Pictured: Blue Pine

The Blue Pine appears to be a more washed, wood shade with a blue tint. We also have a swatch of this on the Bullet Board page.

For more information about our new Bullet Board menu color options, click the Information button below and let us know what questions you have. We will reach out to you shortly to answer your questions and point you to the best shade for your establishment!

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