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The Best Products for Your Country Club Clubhouse

Designer menu covers

Country club guests expect the best, from perfectly manicured greens to beautifully designed clubhouses and restaurants. With the right products, you can deliver on those expectations down to the last detail. Consider these top-quality products for your country club clubhouse.

Menu Covers. Leather menu covers are a classy touch for your restaurant clientele. Custom menu covers can be embossed with your country club's name or logo, or can feature an insertable window design. Plaza style menu covers, also known as catch corners, make for an extra upscale touch.

Wine Menus. Captain's Books are a sophisticated companion to your food menus and are an ideal design for wine menus. The Carmel Style is specially designed to complement the Plaza style menu covers while the padded Bordeaux style presents a more substantial feel. Alternatively, the Tucson style features flangeless screw post binding with a sleek cover design in simulated leather.

Check Presenters. The check presenter makes the last impression on a diner so you'll want to ensure it's a good one by choosing a quality product. Check presenters are available in a variety of style and designs, can be embossed with your country club's logo and can also be customized to match your other menus.

Placemats. A vinyl or leatherette placemat embossed with your logo and date established provides just the right accent for your tables. Choose between oval, octagon, or rectangular in a variety of styles and colors.

Pool Menus. While your pool menus should still maintain the general look and feel of your country club, their location allows for a little bit of whimsy. Consider using a clipboard stand, acrylic booklet, or, if you really want to cut loose and have fun, a customized beach ball drink menu. You certainly won't have to worry about your menus getting wet!

Whichever type of menu you choose, there's sure to be a style that's right for your country club.

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