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Making Your Menu Stand Out With Restaurant Menu Covers

restaurant menu covers

Your restaurant's menu speaks volumes about your food — and that's before diners have even opened it. That why the restaurant menu covers you choose are extremely important. If you want your menu to stand out from the crowd, consider what different menu covers say about your cuisine:

Cafe Style

This menu is, in a word, "classic." Clear stitched cafe menus let customers know they are in good hands and can expect traditional food prepared the way mom used to make. These menus are perfect for diners and family-style restaurants.


Nothing says, "upscale" like a leather plaza style menu cover. Leather is elegant without being pretentious, and that is what guests will expect from your menu items as well. Leather is perfect for an uptown bistro or hotel restaurant.


"Cutting edge" is the phrase for LED menus. Popular in nightclubs, VIP lounges, and other hotspots, these backlit menus are perfect for edgy, trendsetting establishments.


On the other end of the spectrum, wooden menu covers convey a "rustic," homey feel. Whether you're an organic, farm-to-table eatery or your place serves good ol' stick-to-your-ribs fare, wood is the way to go for that earthy, down home vibe.


This valuable metal has the versatility to pull off both antique and contemporary style, depending on the patina you choose. Copper menu covers show an, attention to detail that patrons won't miss, perfect for handcrafted, artisanal, gourmet menus.


Nothing says, "casual" like coil. Perfect for lounging poolside, coil menus provide endless options for custom menu covers with your own design and images on the front. Coil menus are ideal for drink and dessert menus.

Of course, these suggestions are just the beginning. With customization, the sky is truly the limit when creating restaurant menu covers.

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