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Introducing SuperFlex Synthetic Menus

Menu Designs is excited to announce a new material option for printing menus called SuperFlex Synthetic. At first glance SuperFlex looks like paper but is actually a durable, simulated paper that contains no paper from trees. To the touch the material is smooth, but you are also able to feel the durability of SuperFlex and the high quality of the material. SuperFlex comes in different thickness for different menu uses. SuperFlex Synthetic Menus range in sizes from 4”x6” to 11”x17”.

Here’s why we think you should choose SuperFlex Synthetic material for your next menus:

  • Menus on SuperFlex are digitally printed for a professional look. With digital printing the colors pop on the paper and the brightness is retained for long lasting vibrant colors.

  • These menus hold up! SuperFlex is extremely durable, tear resistant and perfect for restaurants and bars that do not change their menus frequently. While this menu material may look like laminated paper, the material is much sturdier.

  • We know that restaurant and bars can be a bit messy at times. Food and drinks can spill, leaving you with a mess to clean up. With SuperFlex menus you will not have to worry about your menus getting ruined with a spill. Superflex Synthetic Menus can easily be wiped clean even from sticky sauces and caked on food. This material is also waterproof as well as grease, scuff and stain resistant.

  • SuperFlex comes in many different sizes and thickness. Not only do we have the ability to fold certain thicknesses of Superflex, some thicknesses are also able to be die cut, embossed and perforated.

  • Looking for an eco-friendly product? Some of the SuperFlex products are recyclable; just ask us which ones.

When using SuperFlex Synthetic menus in your restaurant, your menu items are being presented to your customer on an attractive material that will be representative of your restaurant. We are thrilled to bring you this new material option for printing menus and look forward to providing you additional information on SuperFlex Synthetic Menus and samples of this material.

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