Tips for Selecting Your Menu and Menu Cover

You are ready to open a restaurant or bar. You have the site location picked out, you know your place’s style and theme, and now it is time to work on one of the most important items, your menu. Not only do you need to decide what food and drinks you want to serve but also how your selections will presented to your customers on your menu. Furthermore, you want the menu cover that holds your menu inserts to be a representation of your food as the details do matter, especially for a new business. Here are some ideas and questions to keep in mind when you are designing your menu and what menu cover is right for your bar or restaurant.

Menu Length

How many items are you including on your menu? Do you to have a lot of selections and need a larger menu? Or are you keeping things simple by only offering a few selections? The length of your menu will help decide what menu cover options will work best to display your menu selections.

Menu Engineering

Now that you know what items you will include on your menu, it’s time to decide the placement of items on your menu. Did you know there have been studies conducted on the placement of menu items on your menu? There are certain places on your menu that you want to put your most profitable dishes as consumers are most likely to look at certain spots on the menu when deciding what they want to order. In addition to the placement of items on the menu, there are creative techniques that can be used to make certain dishes stand out that you want to promote. Creating your menu is a science, that if done correctly can bring increased profits to your business.