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The Hotel Conference Room Checklist

We understand the ins and outs of working in the hospitality industry and that includes hosting conferences. Whether you are hosting large or small conferences, we understand that conferences can often be an extremely important revenue stream for hotels. While these are great events for your hotel, there is much planning that has to be done to ensure for a great conference and in turn repeat business. Everything from gathering the guest lists down to the small details of refreshments has to be planned. This blog post can be a start to your hotel conference room checklist, which can help ensure success in all of your meetings. Ensure your property's conference rooms are up to par with this handy checklist!


Conference call capability and Wi-Fi are now considered bare essentials, and no longer enough to impress those searching for a conference room location. A truly modern conference room not only needs technology, such as video conferencing and data ports, but also the supporting background and technology integration to optimize the room. For instance, video conferencing works best in a room with diffuse lighting and zero glare from sunlight, while a technology integration touch panel makes it easy to move a presentation from a laptop to a projection screen.


Desk blotters, note pads, note pad holders, and pens are all hospitality supplies your conference room can't do without. First, these items serve practical purposes. Desk blotters protect the conference room furniture from scratches and wear while the pads and pens are perfect for quick note taking. Secondly, these items are also great opportunities for branding, as these accessories can all be customized with your hotel's name and logo. A coordinated set of quality leather blotters and note pad holders can give your conference room an upscale, professional feel that makes a great impression on guests.

Fluid Table Configuration

Depending on your guests' needs, they may require a standard board room table, "U" or "V" shaped table or a classroom style configuration. Not all conference will be the same, so you want to have the flexibility to provide the configuration your guests require.


Even the most bare bones conference room has a pitcher of water and glasses available. Set your conference room apart by having a buffet table with built-in cabinets to house both refreshments and supplies. Providing fresh hot and cold beverages as well as a variety of snacks will help fuel those power meetings and keep things going smoothly.

Don’t forget to use this handy checklist for your next meeting!


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