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Top Five Products for 2015

Top 5 Products of the Year

for Menu Designs

#5 - The Cafe Menu Cover. This oldie but goodie is all you need in a menu. Classic and easy to update!

#4 - To-Go Menus. Offer takeout to increase sales. Our to-go menus are as low as 7 cents each.

#3 - Coil Bound Menus. This versatile menu is ideal for restaurants with extensive menu selections.

#2Majestic Majilite Menu Covers. This menu cover is a premium choice for quality, durability & style.

Our #1 product for 2015 is the Menu Clipboard! These have a modern look & allow for easy menu changes.

Top 5 Products of the Year

for Dobbs Global

#5 - Pens. Everyone needs a pen! Provide your customers with a promotional item they will use!

#4 - Pocket Folders. Secure your customer's documents in a folder with your logo on it.

#3 - Tumblers. Your brand is front of mind with this promotional item that sits on a desk and is used daily.

#2 - USB Drive. Instead of paper docs, store your customer's documents on a branded USB drive.

#1 - Made in the USA Polo Shirt! We offer many promotional apparel options but our favorite is this polo!

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