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Introducing the In-Stock Wood Block Table Stand

Menu Designs is excited to introduce our new in-stock wood block table stand! This lightweight and versatile table stand is the ideal display piece to show your print marketing pieces or business information in almost any setting. Our wood block table stand measures 5 inches wide and 1.5 inches for the height and depth. Each stand features two cut slits that allow you to display a single sheet of paper, or our optional wooden board or clipboard. Choose from one of our three colors options: natural, mahogany or black, and whether or not you want to have an unbranded block or your logo laser etched on the marketing piece. Our wood block table stand has many uses and here are a few that we like:

-Menu Card Holder– Want to display your food and drink specials on your bar or restaurant tables? Our wood block table stand is the perfect piece to display your specials. Whether your establishment is a casual restaurant or a trendy hot spot, our versatile table stand can fit with any décor. Opt for our optional, eye-catching wood board with bands or a single sheet of paper that can easily be changed daily for rotating specials. Don’t forget an extra table stand or two for to display business cards and comment cards on the hostess stand!

-Place or Table Card Holder – For banquet, convention and wedding venues, the wood block table stand is perfect for displaying table numbers or seating arrangements. Opt for non-branded wood blocks to be used for any event or choose a branded option for guests to take home as a reminder of the event. This simple block has a natural look that will bring a modern twist to your traditional table top display holders.

-Business Card or Rack Card Holder – For a business front desk or an employee’s desk, the wood block table stand can hold business cards, rack cards or small marketing handouts. This attractive piece will help your print marketing pieces stand out and would work well with almost any desk set.

These are just a few uses for the wood block table stand that we like. If you have a small marketing piece that you would like to display, you want to check out this table stand. For more information on our wood block table stand, click here.

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