Why Branded Apparel is Important for Your Company

As a company, you may have considered branded apparel giveaways for various events your company puts on or takes part in. For example, if your business hosts a holiday party for customers, you may want to give out a t-shirt to your guests commemorating the event. For a company hosting a party for its employees, a polo or dress shirt with your logo may be appropriate. Did you know when it comes time to designing your shirts and other apparel items you can design your apparel online? On our Dobbs Apparel website you can fully design your apparel items by starting from scratch with a clean canvas or if you need some assistance with your design, choose from one of our professional design templates. It’s an easy way to design the apparel you want, on your schedule! Check out the Dobbs Apparel Design Studio.

If you are saying to yourself, “What type of apparel is best for my company?”, check out our post below that was originally published in January on “Why Branded Apparel is Important for Your Company”.

Why Branded Apparel is Important for Your Company

Original Post Date: January 26, 2016

For all companies, branding is important. Every marketing piece, commercial, website, etc., is representative of your brand and makes up your brand image. In addition to branding that your company is presenting there are individuals outside your company that admire your company and would be interested in telling others why they like your brand; these are your brand advocates. Online you can easily find your brand advocates, as these are the people that may be blogging about you or Tweeting about their experiences with your company. While online it’s easy to tell who your advocates are, offline it may not be as easy. How are you able to know who your brand advocates are by just looking at them? You can when they walk around wearing something with your logo! Branded apparel is a great way for a company to get their brand in front of others. Here are some branded apparel items that we think are great for your brand advocates and also your employees (who we hope are brand advocates too)!