Banquet and Event Accessories You Need to Check Out

If your hotel, resort or company manages banquets, conferences or similar events, you know that a lot of work goes into each affair. Getting every detail just right is important for customer satisfaction, repeat business and word of mouth recommendations. Chairs, tables, food, the lights and technology all are important items to consider but what about the small touches? Those extra touches that are tailored to a particular event, add to the “wow” factor, and leave guests asking “Have you seen that…?”.

There are many accessories available for your events. Today we want to highlight some of those accessories that we think will help your event stand out from the rest!

Illuminated LED Products

Illuminated LED signs are unique lighted signs that you can use to display announcements and information for your guests. Menu Designs offers a few different styles of illuminated LED signs and one of those styles is the single panel LED sign. Available in one or two views, the single panel LED sign with a table base can be positioned on a table to display your messages to guests. Messages can include menus, wi-fi information, directions and any other information that needs to be displayed. This simple and sleek sign is available in the following sizes: 11” x 5.5”, 11” x 8.5”, and 14” x 8.5”. The standard color for this LED sign is black but can be customized to your specifications.

Another illuminated LED sign style is the Grand Stand. The Grand Stand is a 6” tall by 4.25” wide table top marketing piece. The Grand Stand is smaller than the single panel sign and still offers the same backlit technology but with an added feature. The Grand Stand offers a special call feature that turns the LED to red when pushed. At an event this function can be used to notify a staff member when service is needed. Both LED sign options can easily be moved from room to room, and used from event to event as backlit paper inserts can easily be changed out. Displays run on a rechargeable battery so there are no cords to be seen or tripped over, and there is an on/off button to conserve battery life when not in use.

Rounding out our illuminated LED products is an alternative to candles. LED tea light candles are a must have item to bring a unique look to your es