Tips for Choosing the Best Wine Menu Covers

Your wine sales can be great sources of revenue for your company. When thinking about what wines to offer, don’t stop there. Not only are the actual wine varieties important but so is the presentation of your options as it sets the tone on what to expect. Choose a wine menu cover design that represents the variety of options available to your guests. Menu Designs is your source for wine menu cover options that you will want to show off to your guests. In this post, we look back at a blog post from last year on “Tips for Choosing the Best Wine Menu Covers”.

Tips for Choosing the Best Wine Menu Covers

Original post date: June 19, 2015, with additions June 14, 2016

Your menu covers are an important part of a diner's experience. When choosing from the wide variety of wine menu covers available, you want to ensure your menu covers entice and engage your customers. The following tips will help you choose a wine menu cover that's best for your establishment.

Menu Cover Style - There are many different options of wine and drink menu covers available, including coil menu covers, Captain’s Books, menu boards, table menu holders, and even LED menu covers. Each of these styles has a variety of options and can be customized to match your restaurant's theme and brand.

*Don’t forget, Menu Designs is a custom manufacturer! If you have a menu cover idea that you do not see on our website, let us know what you are looking for as we can probably make it!