The Importance of Your Business Card

It is said that first impressions are everything as you cannot take back your first interaction with someone. For most business interactions, an exchange of information often happens by giving someone your business card. Even with your business card being as important as it is, can you think of the last time you really looked at your business card? Do you know what it states besides your basic contact information?

Your business cards should provide pertinent information in order for someone to reach out to you. With new business and/or a new connection riding on the information your business card is providing, you need to make sure that your business card is including the right information! If your business card does not have the proper information, then you may want to consider a redesign. Here is some must have information for your business card, besides of course your name:

Contact Information

How do you want someone to reach you? It could be by email, phone, Skype, social media or some other way. Whatever it may be, make sure to include it! You may opt to include all of your contact information and somehow highlight your preferred method of contact.

Company Information

Where do you work? Are you self-employed? Your business card should tell others what you do. If your company has a generic name such as Smith Corporation or ABC Company, you may want to also include a little information about what you do so you do not leave people guessing.

For example:

Smith Corporation

Tree Services in the Southwest