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It's Time for a Menu Cover Redesign

You just witnessed one of your servers try to reconstruct your menu covers for the hundredth time. Menu pages are falling out and the tape is no longer holding your menu inserts in place. While your food is fantastic, your menu covers are not representing your food well. Presentation is important and you know it’s time for a menu cover redesign but where do you even begin? With so many options available, Menu Designs is able to help you every step of the way in designing your new menu cover. We can help you find the perfect design whether it is a basic, yet stylish and classic black menu cover or an intricate one-of-a-kind menu cover design. Here are some questions to consider when deciding what menu cover is right your establishment:

What look do you want to achieve with your menu covers?

Do you have existing brand colors and a logo you want to incorporate into your design? Or maybe you aren’t happy with your current company logo and this would be the perfect time to change it. Whatever it may be, the first step is deciding what type of look you want to achieve with your menu covers. If you have your logo and a design in mind, great! Let us know what you are looking for so we can take your logo and design idea, and create a menu design for you. Need a little more assistance in deciding what would work best for your restaurant or even need a new logo created? On the Menu Designs website we have hundreds of images of our past projects that can be helpful in the idea generation process. Check out our custom menu cover idea gallery here. We have hundreds of material styles and colors for you to choose from to create the best menu cover for your restaurant. Also, if you needed a new logo, we can help you there too. We have graphic designers on staff that will create a logo for your restaurant that you will be happy to show off.

What do you want your menu cover to hold?

Depending on the number of menu pages you want to have inside your menu cover, there are certain menu cover styles that work better than others. Our most popular menu cover style is the Plaza menu cover. The Plaza style refers to the four corner tabs that hold the menu insert which is also referred to as catch corners. Plaza style menu covers work well for one to six page food or drink menus.

Need a menu cover to hold more pages? We have multiple cover styles that can accommodate a greater number of pages. One of our popular menu cover styles for drink books is the drink binder, also known as the Carleton. The benefit of a ring binder menu design is that you are able to continue to grow your menu by adding new menu pages to your binder or removing pages when you want to reduce the number of options offered. Like our other menu covers, you can choose from our extensive selection of different styles and materials to create a ring binder menu cover perfect for your establishment. Here are examples of some of our past ring binder projects.

As an alternative to a menu cover, printed menus are another option, especially for restaurants that do not change their menus often. Here is an example of a printed menu design that we created for Twisted Tuna:

Twisted Tuna needed a menu refresh. Our team took the restaurant's ideas and redesigned their various menus.

The Twisted Tuna menu was created with our SuperFlex Synthetic material. At first glance SuperFlex looks like paper but is actually a durable, simulated paper that contains no paper from trees. To the touch the material is smooth, but you are also able to feel the durability of SuperFlex and the high quality of the material. Check out more of the benefits of using SuperFlex for your next menu project.

Are there any other items that need to be updated?

Now that you have a new menu cover design, are there any other elements that need to be changed in your restaurant to bring it all together for a cohesive look? It addition to menu covers, Menu Designs can create and design your table top marketing pieces, placements, check presenters and more, all to match your new menu cover design.

If you have any questions about what Menu Designs can do for your restaurant, send me an email at

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