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Create Ambiance and Atmosphere with Proper Lighting for Your Menus and More!

No matter what time of day or where you are, your surroundings have a great impact on your mood and happiness. Make sure that your restaurant, bar, nightclub or hotel lounge carries a setting that suggests a well thought out customer experience. You may be thinking, “My restaurant looks pretty drab, especially in the evenings.” Don’t worry! Menu Designs has the answer for you: proper lighting for your menus and more!

Our Illuminated LED Collection of products is perfect for low lit restaurants, nightclubs and bars. If you need lighting for your table tops, our illuminated grandstands look beautiful on decorated tables at a banquet, convention or wedding! These LED grandstands light up your drink specials for easy reading at the touch of a button. Imagine the tables labelled by name or number with a subtle backlit glow. As an added feature, when turned on, grandstands are a great calling feature for service. Now your wait staff can easily see who needs assistance in low lit places.

​We also have single panel menu boards that will light up your menu when customers are sitting by candle light. Turn these functional products into a table piece, similar to the table grandstand, by choosing an optional base so that your menus can remain upright on your tabletops. The LED menu board can also be turned on or off to conserve battery. In addition to a restaurant setting, consider these boards for a convention or wedding to display announcements.

For a more traditional approach, we provide LED, two panel folding menu covers that turn off when the menu cover is closed and light up as the customer opens the menu cover to read your selections. In addition to our traditional menu cover, our smaller, check presenters work the same way. All products in our LED collection are rechargeable and once charged, can operate without being plugged into the wall. Optional accessories that we offer include single or multiple unit chargers, and backlit paper for printing inserts. We can also imprint your inserts in house if you prefer.

All of the products in our Illuminated LED Collection are easy to use, functional and fun! Paying attention to the customer experience and overall enjoyment is key for a healthy business, so make sure you consider the atmosphere around you when deciding what products to include in your establishment or at your event.

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