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Wine, Spirits and Beer Products for your Business

Everyone knows that happy hour is the best hour, especially for restaurants and bars which profit from all the drink specials and promotions. So why not maximize on these few hours of extra drink sales with better marketing for your wines, spirits and beer?

Menu Designs specializes in custom menu covers for your restaurant, hotel or other hospitality establishment. However, we can design and create much more than menu covers. As your customers enjoy their dinner, wouldn’t they notice the wood block table top stand that holds a card with your happy hour specials printed in a bold graphic? People get thirsty as they are eating food, so this form of marketing is a perfect way to get your customers interested in a cold drink while they are seated.

Maybe your restaurant or bar is known for a variety of great beer? Offer your customers a taste of your craft brews on our unique sampler paddles. Each one varies in shape and size and can be imprinted with your name or logo. Your customers will be wowed by the attractive assortment of beer in order from light to dark, and they will feel more confident with their choice after having tried it. Who knows? One of those tasty selections may have your customers coming back for more!

A fun way to spread brand awareness is with a creative drink coolie. Loyal customers will want to buy one for their drinks in order to represent you as their favorite local restaurant or bar. This piece of merchandise is both useful and a great form of advertising. Besides, associating your brand name to a place with great beer is an added plus!

Menu Designs has so much more to make your establishment’s happy hour a success! Click here to discover more options!

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