Trendy Products for 2017

As 2016 comes to an end, it’s a time to reflect on the past year and also to the possibilities for 2017. One of the topics often discussed at the end of the year are the trends for the upcoming year! At Menu Designs we have picked our top five “Trendy Products for 2017”, and have counted down those products from 5 to 1 below.

#5 – Hotel/Guest Room Accessories

Hotel and guest room accessories are not only useful, but also can be another place to add your logo! When people see your logo again and again, that creates a greater recognition for your company and thus keeps you top of mind. When you are top of mind, your customers will share your name when others are looking for a recommendations of places to stay. A hotel accessory that is great for branding is the wood “Do Not Disturb” sign. I am a fan of the look of wood but also the durability of the product. Another product I like is the in-room organizer which can hold your guest directory, as well as your pen and paper, but can also be used by your guests to store their smaller items during their stay. According to a 2014 Deloitte report, “the average customer spends just over half of stays at his or her most-frequented brand each year.1” There are probably many reasons for this but why not make sure your customers know your brand, and want to always stay with your brand in 2017!

#4 – Coasters

Coasters can be used by restaurants, hotels, night clubs, country clubs and more! Promote the amenities of your establishment and the specials that you want your customers to take advantage of. According to Katz America, “coasters hold a 65% retention rate” and “influenced 11% of purchase decisions.2” Coasters are an inexpensive marketing piece that any business should consider using in their establishment.

#3 – Wood Menu Planks

Wood is a very popular material in the hospitality industry for its natural look. From wood floors and tables, to wood accessories, numerous products are made of wood in restaurants and hotels. A marketing accessory that is popular in wood is menu covers and boards. One of our newest products that falls in this category is the wood menu plank. The wood menu plank is different than our traditional wood menu board in that it is a thicker board at ½” thick. Currently it’s available cherry or walnut, and in five different sizes. Of course like our other boards, you have the option of securing your inserts with a clip or band. This is a great piece and I can see it being one of our most popular menu boards this year.