Classy Marketing Products for Your Country Club Clubhouse – Revisited

Original post date: October 20, 2015 | Revised: February 7, 2017

When you think of country clubs, words such as “high-end” and “elite” probably come to mind. There is a certain level of sophistication one expects when visiting a country club, and as a country club you want to make sure you are meeting (and exceeding) that level of expectation. From your golf greens to your facilities, these are all features that need to be top notch. In addition to these highly noticeable details, there are smaller details that you shouldn’t forget.

One of those smaller details, but one that could be a great source of revenue for your country club, are your food and drink options. Representing the quality of your food and drink options should be the products that you have in your dining rooms and bars. Here are a few products with a high-end look that will show off your food and drink selections, and your guests will be sure to pick up:

• Menu Covers. Leatherette menu covers are a classy touch for your clientele. Custom menu covers can be embossed with your country club's name or logo, or can feature an insertable window design. Plaza style menu covers, also known as catch corners, make for an extra upscale touch. Another material with an upscale look is cork. Opt for the real thing or go for our faux option. Either way, this is a material that will be sure to get the attention of your guests.

• Wine Menus. Captain's Books are a sophisticated companion to your food menus and are an ideal design for wine menus. The Carmel Style is specially designed to complement the Plaza style menu covers while the padded Bordeaux style presents a more substantial feel. Alternatively, the Tucson style features flangeless screw post binding with a sleek cover design in simulated leather.