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Decoration Options for Your Custom Menus

No one has a restaurant like yours, so why not show it off with one of a kind menus? One of the magical ways Menu Designs is able to make your restaurant menus so special and unique is by adding custom decoration options. Our decoration techniques are all carefully crafted by hand, ensuring an added touch of finesse and quality to your menus. From foil stamped logos to laser etched wood surfaces, we have it all.

One Color Silk Screen

No matter your choice of menu color, we can create logos and designs to contrast. Our silk screening technique allows us to create any designs, symbol or text in another color from that of the fabric material of your menu cover. The result is a smooth, cohesive look with subtle class.

Foil Stamp

One of our more popular decoration options, foil stamping, adds a beautiful touch to your menus. Lean your menu to the left and right to see the colored foil logo on your menu cover catch the light and shimmer before you. This technique adds another dimension to your custom menus with color, texture and a glossy finish.

Laser Etching

For a more natural look, go with a laser etched design on your wood menu covers. Laser Etching brings out the natural dark shades of the genuine wood, and allows for precise drawing of whatever image or text you desire. You can’t go wrong with this technique as the look can be both high class and laid back.


Emboss on Aluminum

For a modern and shimmery touch to your menus use aluminum plates on the menu cover. With our embossing technique we can make your logo or restaurant name pop as it is raised off the metal. With this added texture and 3D-like effect, your customers are sure to notice. We can also deboss your logo or restaurant name to make the opposite effect as it is indented rather than raised.

There are so many combinations, colors and aesthetics to choose from, so why not see what your creative mind can come up with? If you get stuck, our design team is always here to help you create beautiful menus for your restaurant or other establishment.

To explore more of our decorating options visit our website here:

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