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The Restaurant’s #1 Selling Tool – The Menu!

For a restaurant, the menu is very important – it is the #1 sales tool! This makes sense as it is what customers are reviewing to determine their selections, and ultimately what they will buy. While most would agree that the food options are the most important part of the menu, a menu is more than just the food. A customer’s perception of a restaurant is made up of more than just the food options on the menu. From the colors, style, fonts and more, the elements that make up the presentation of the food options are just as important. When you understand that the menu is your #1 tool for the restaurant, you look at it differently and realize that so much is riding on the menu. You should treat the design of your menu like gold, as what is contained on it is your source of revenue.

There’s another piece to the menu though that is important. It goes beyond your printed menu. While some restaurants opt not to have it, a menu cover can accentuate menu options even more. Think of a time you went to a nice place to eat and were handed a nice menu cover. I am sure with the nice atmosphere, nice staff and now being presented with a nice menu cover, you thought to yourself, “This is a nice place. I’m excited to eat here.” Now think about another restaurant experience, maybe you had a nice experience coming into the restaurant but were then given a ratty old menu. Did you have the same thoughts? I have even walked out of a restaurant thinking if this is how the menus are treated, how is the food? We are naturally visual people, if we see something pleasing to the eye, we want it and vice versa, if we something that isn’t attractive, we don’t want it. While these concepts may sound simple, I have seen many offenders in the restaurant world that need a menu and menu cover update.

At Menu Designs, we understand the importance and the value of all things related to menus. That’s why at Menu Designs, we are your source for every step of the menu and menu cover design process. We work with restaurants every step of the way to develop a menu piece that is representative of their restaurant. We have graphic designers and menu experts on staff that can take your ideas and turn those ideas into a menu and menu cover that will bring the WOW factor, and be sure to make it the #1 sales tool.

Whether your restaurant is new and is starting from scratch, or is an established restaurant that needs a menu redesign, think Menu Designs for all your menu needs.

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