Must Have Apparel Pieces for the Hospitality Industry

A cohesive look among your employees brings something extra to your establishment. The physical items in your business have a similar look, why shouldn’t your employees' attire? Your customers are critiquing every part of their visit and that does include your employees! Furthermore as a company, you may want to have different apparel items for different events your company puts on or takes part in, not just your normal day to day business activities.


Now that you know you need apparel for your employees, here are a few apparel items that we think every hospitality business should invest in.

Polo Shirts

Even if the style of the polo shirt does not match the decor of your business, consider these shirts for your employees that attend events outside the building. From networking events and golf tournaments, to conferences and conventions, having branded polo shirts for your employees is the perfect attire for each of these events. With shirts that have your logo, you can be sure your brand will be seen and your employees are dressed to represent your brand.

Knowing how important it is for your brand to be seen on your employees, we are excited to offer Nike polos with a logo to our customers at under $30 each (with an uncharge for 2XL to 4XL sizes). A minimum of 12 polos are required but you can mix and match different sizes and colors. This deal makes it the perfect time to get these polos for your employees.

Chef Coats, Aprons and Housekeeping Uniforms

Chef Coats are an important piece for kitchens large and small. When customers see a professionally dressed chef this conveys the image of high quality offerings for the customers and esteem for the chef. You can get a feel for a restaurant by simply looking at the chef!